No Bull Brisket made with BigBull’s Brisket Rub

September 8, 2021
By Obie (With a lot of help from my mentors.)

Real Texas Style Brisket


Beef Brisket (untrimmed), BigBull’s Brisket Rub, Beer

Start with an untrimmed or “packer trimmed” brisket. Leave most of the fat on it, only trimming when the fat is thicker than your little finger. Wet the meat with beer & lightly coat the entire brisket with BigBull’s Brisket Rub. Let sit for an hour or more. Set up your BBQ pit as a smoker (link to tips page) using indirect heat & a water pan when possible. Cook at 250°-275° or with the water pan at a low boil. Start brisket meat side up for 1-2 hrs., then turn fat side up. Heavily smoke for 40 minutes per pound, or to an internal temperature of 160° – 165°. Transfer brisket to a large piece of foil & heavily season all sides with BigBull’s Brisket Rub, add a little beer & seal it in the foil. Finish cooking in pit or oven at 250° for 20-30 min. per pound or till tender. Cook to internal temperature of 195°(it will feel soft & pliant in the foil). Remove from heat and let stand without opening the foil for 30 or more minutes before slicing. Reserve the liquid out of the foil and let the fat rise and separate. Discard fat and use the remaining liquid as a dipping or table sauce. Always slice perpendicular to the grain of the meat, see Tips section for more details.