Todays Food industry is multi-faceted. Our teams experience is derived first hand from over 40 years experience in USDA & FDA operations. Please explore our site to learn how we can help you in your operation and your home kitchen

Founded in 1994 by Phillip & Melba Rodriguez, and their beloved Aunt Virginia Lara. North Texas Ingredients began as a small spice blender for local food processors and restaurants. Today, NTI services large scale Meat Processors, Bakeries, Local Restaurants & Chains, Grocers & Delis, Private Label Partners and E-Commerce Markets. Our team can develop custom flavor and functional ingredient solutions to meet your food processing needs.  

Over the past 40 years we have collectively worked in most all aspects of food and restaurant operations. We apply our knowledge with your vision to create something very special.

Our standard of quality is upheld with strict HACCAP Guidelines and Third Party Certified Audits.

Founder: Phillip Rodriguez
Founder: Phillip Rodriguez
  • Full Service Lab
    • Product Development
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Nutrition and Labeling Compliance
  • Private Label
    • Products are blended & packed for your Brand, ready for your Retail and E-Commerce needs.
  • Ready Made Solutions
    • NTI has an extensive library of proven blends, ready for your commercial and household use.
  • Static & Tumble Marination Solutions
    • Flavor and Functional Ingredient blends for a delicious product and efficient operation.
  • Food Service Custom Blends & Packaging
    • Bulk & Batch Pack Options
    • Reduce your raw materials inventory with a custom blend from NTI

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