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In 1985, The Iconic Obie Obermark started his spice store, selling high-grade bulk spices direct to the public. Opening in DFW’s nicest flea market with only a few shop-made blended seasonings but over 100 different spices. The first few years featured a LOT of 70+ hr. weeks with little reward, but people liked the blends. We dropped almost all the straight spices, shifting our focus to turning Obie’s recipes into blended seasonings which became Obie-Cue’s Texas Spice. Obie then discovered a passion for BBQ Cookoffs, and started creating new BBQ rubs. The Obie-Cue BBQ team was the first Texas team invited to cook at The Jack Daniel’s Invitational twice, winning Chicken in ’91 and hitting third bird in ’93. For 17 years, the world’s biggest BBQ Cookoff, Kansas City’s American Royal, hosted the world’s biggest BBQ Rub Contest. Obie cue entered this event 12 times, and is a 3-Time Grand Champion. In total, Obie-Cue’s rubs have won 23 first places and 3 world championships. As one of the Founding Members of the National BBQ Association, we are pleased that in 2021 we will start our 36th year of continuous operation



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  • “ We stock up at least twice a year on these spices. Steakmaker, Celebration, and Beaumont are my faves. My husband loves all the rubs. Highly recommend !!! ”
    Michelle Lynch
  • “ My husband swears by these spices and I make a good holiday salsa with one of these combinations. Love this brand love this seasoning. Can't wait to get back to DFW so I can get some more.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Artisan meats · Organic meats · Organic products · Good choices
    Rachel Leigh
  • “ The best spices money can buy. They have a great selection of spices for anything. Some are very unique. If you smoke meats, you have to try these spices. A lot of his recipes are shared on the label and the website. ”
    Eddie Suda
  • “ best rub on earth. its fact ”
    Kevin Casillas
  • “ Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Only place we buy our spices. ”
    Russ Rockwood Rojas
  • “ hands down best spices ever ”
    Brandon Allen