Championship Chicken made with Sweet Rub BBQ Spice

September 8, 2021
By Obie Obermark

Obie won 2 National Barbecue Titles cooking this recipe on a $30 charcoal grill.


Chicken halves, apple/pineapple juice, Sweet Rub BBQ Spice.

Build a low smoky fire, (my favorite smokewood for chicken is cherry) on a covered pit and start the split bird skin side down. Baste it with apple or pineapple juice & sprinkle on enough Sweet Rub to cover the surface while the meat is wet. The Sweet Rub will melt to form a beautiful glossy glaze that seals the meat & keeps it juicy. Slowly grill until the skin browns, (should be about 20 minutes) turn the chicken repeat the glaze. Baste & touch up any bare spots as needed. Cook to an internal temperature of 165° or until the joints are loose. Pull from fire & cover loosely with a tent of foil & let stand 10 min.