Fish on a Leaf made with Sunshine

September 8, 2021
By Pat Obermark

This super easy method is a great way to cook any type of fish steak or filet on the grill. This recipe features Obie-Cue’s blend Sunshine , but it is also good with Steakmaker (another good fish seasoning).


Fish Filets, Sunshine, 8-10 Large Cabbage Leaves

Ideally, select a piece of seafood at least ¾ inch thick, and thirty minutes or so before cooking moderately season it with Sunshine. Build a low-heat, intensely smoky fire and put a double layer cabbage leaves large enough for the fish on the meat grate. Put the fish on the leaves, and close the grill cover. The leaves will curl and cup the fish, holding the juices next to the meat to help it stay moist. Also, the leaves will slow your cooking time so that you get more smoke flavor. Turn skinless fish once, keeping it on the leaves. When it’s done, slide a spatula under leaf and all, and flip the whole thing onto a platter and throw the leaves away!