The Classic Steakmaker Burger made with Steakmaker

September 7, 2021
By Obie Obermark

Make burger taste like fine steak!


1 lb. lean ground beef, 1 T. Steakmaker.

Make a very hot fire. For pre-formed patties, just spinkle Steakmaker on both sides and pat it in, or mix Steakmaker with ground beef and form into patties about ¾” thick. Either way, wait at least 20 minutes before cooking to give the flavors time to enter the meat. Place patties on hot grill. We won’t watch the clock, we’ll watch the meat and let it tell us when to turn. When the top starts getting damp, (sweating) turn it. Again, when the top gets damp, turn it, and so on until desired doneness is reached. Always flip burgers at least 4 times. For well-done you’ll prob’ly need 6 or 7 flips, turning more quickly as the meat heats up. Bring your meat in, cover it with a piece of plastic wrap and leave it the hell alone for 5 or 6 minutes while the juices calm down.